About Me

My name is Zack Wallace, I’ve been something of a computer nerd since I was 8 years old. I remember being very excited to have my first desktop PC built from parts on our family room table by a technician who lived on our block. In fact, we traded a piano for the computer!

I have spent many years since building, fixing, repairing, upgrading and troubleshooting thousands more. I made it through years of desktop support, system building and web design, CAD drafting, and IT for small business. I’ve studied and practiced many aspects of technology from web development to programming to audio/video production and marketing.

Zack’s Domain is, like many other blogs, a personal repository of knowledge and ideas, tips, techniques, tools, and research. I want to help small businesses that don’t necessarily have the funds for full time IT staff, to be able to cover the basics of IT with minimal pain.

I do freelance work so feel free to contact me. Some services include:

  • Vector logo creation or conversion.
  • Light video editing and audio processing.
  • Web design and website updating, migrating, feature enhancement, and bug fixing.
  • Graphic design for banners, sales graphics, stuffers.
  • Product photography processing, touch-up, optimizing.
  • Utility programming via Excel scripts, PHP, MySQL queries/reports, or for the desktop.
  • Copywriting for product descriptions, newsletters, general editing, and SEO optimizing.

I live in beautiful northern Arizona with my wife, sons, daughter, dog, and cats.

You can reach me via email.