Manage Podcasts on your MP3 Player with Podcastready

I wanted to share this little application with anybody who has an MP3 player that does not use proprietary software to manage files. If you can plug in your MP3 player and browse it like a hard drive, this is for you.

This program should be copied into whatever your "podcast" folder is. I have a COWON J3 and there is a "PodcastReady" folder right on the root of the drive. In here you would copy the app.

The way this works is, you would plug your MP3 player into your computer, go in the PodcastReady folder, start the program. From the program, you can subscribe to podcast feeds and download the lastest podcasts for your feeds. The downloads go in a subfolder, probably "Podcast".

So now any time you want to update your podcasts just run the app right off your player, on any computer, and it will update your podcasts and download them right onto the device. No need for separate programs to manage feeds, files, or syncing.

You are in luck if your MP3 allows you to delete files, some don’t. If you CAN delete files, simply delete them as you listen to them, and you’ll always keep your list current. If you have to manage files from the file system, you’ll have to figure out which podcasts belong to what show and find out how to delete just the podcasts you’ve listened to.

Visit the Podcastready website to download the app.