Uninstall a Windows Update from Command Line

A quick tip to keep in your toolbox. If ever there is a “bad update” from Microsoft and you need to quickly uninstall it, use the wusa tool. If you open a command prompt now and type “wusa” and hit <enter>, a screen will pop up with the various command line options:

wusa.exe options

To uninstall a particular KB, such as the recently defunct KB2823324, you might type wusa.exe /uninstall /kb:2823324 /quiet /norestart.

Obviously you can then use this command in a script or batch file. And even better, combined with psexec from pstools, you can send this command to remote workstations to uninstall from other systems in your care.


  1. You might get an error code 3010 when you do this, this just means that your /norestart prevented wusa from rebooting the PC, which is good :-)

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