Convert Network Solutions CSV Product Exports to WooCommerce CSV Imports

This post will eventually detail everything you need to do to export Network Solutions products into WooCommerce formats for importing.

I wanted to start this post now even though it’s unfinished, so I can collect some feedback if this sort of thing is something more people are needing. There are no automated tools out there right now but I am working on automation in the form of PHP web scripts that will help convert the product exports from Network Solutions into CSV files that can be imported into WooCommerce.

So far I have scripts to help me parse out "simple" products, as well as "variable" products and their "variations". The way Network Solutions handles these data types is far different then how WooCommerce does, and they require a LOT of work to convert. I have something like 15 pages of notes on converting the various types, and 3 PHP scripts to parse the CSVs for some more advanced data manipulation, including the use of Network Solutions’ XML export as well.

Using my scripts you can automate the import of ALL your product images into Woo, as well as automate the creation of the Woo attribute and attribute_data columns for variable products and variations.

Using my notes and a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel you can rename columns, remove those you don’t need, recreate a proper product category structure in Woo styling, handle hidden or disabled products, create shipping classes from Netsol extra handling charges, and much more.

At this time these scripts and tools are not refined enough for the general public, but I can do this on a consulting basis if you would like to hire me to do this for your business. Feel free to contact me about converting your Netsol products to Woo imports.

In time I may release a more comprehensive automated scripting tool to do this for you.


More to comeā€¦

Please let me know if you are interested in these converting tools.